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In Stock Fuck Finger - MED-SOFT - #711

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Coloration: Caribbean, Flamingo
Firmness: Med-Soft 0050

This listing is for ONE small 4.5 version of our Joystick handmade fuck fingers, with an added finger/vibe hole. They are cast of the highest quality firm and durable Platinum Silicone. They are 100% body safe. No two products are exactly alike since they are hand mixed and poured to order.

Small Fuck Finger
Approximate Measurements (inches):

Total Length: 4.5
Usable Length: 4
Girth of head: 1.5
Girth of mid shaft: 3.75
Girth base: 5
Base Width: 3

The vibe shown is for scale purposes and is not included. The hole has great suction inside and does not pull off easily. The hole size fits a majority of small and large size fingers and vibes.

The original model was 3D designed and printed and then cast with 100% body safe platinum cure silicone. This type of silicone is the highest rated material for adult toys and is non-porous, odorless, hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

All of our products are shipped in plain white or brown boxes with a return label of Joystick in order to be the most discreet.

Please note that all toys are sold as novelty only and the buyer accepts all responsibility for what the product is used for.

With care taken, our products can last a very long time. Silicone lubes should never be used and we recommend keeping our toys away from all other non-platinum silicone toys.

Happy Joysticking!